Dubai Delivery

Minimum Order - 150Dhs

Free Delivery On Orders Over 200Dhs

VAT Free Offer on Auto Re-Order

VAT Free on Auto Re-Order

VAT Free on Auto Re-Order *Offer for Dubai Residents Only

Set up an automatic re-order from our online store for a delivery every 30 days – up to 45 days max and we will absorb your VAT!

How it works?

Once you place your order, send us an email to subscribe to this offer confirming the date you would like to receive the same order monthly. From our side, we will set up a reminder to invoice you automatically 2 days before the delivery date and we will send you a link to our website to complete your purchase. The order will be the same order you subscribed for (no changes can be made).

If you are already our client, you will get VAT Free on the first order when you subscribe.

If you are a new client, you will not be charged a VAT from 2nd order onward.


Applicable on Non-Discounted products – Items on offer cannot be included.

Minimum Order to start this subscription is 300Dhs (we cannot accept subscriptions on smaller orders)

Maximum gap between each order is 45 Days

The subscription is for the same food/ supplies (must be same brand, same bag size, same amount – i.e., it is an automatic re-order so changes in flavors/ brands not possible).

What if this month I want to add one item to my delivery? You can add items to your monthly subscription but the items won’t be VAT Free however you will get VAT Free on the rest of your order.

P.S. By law we have to pay VAT to the government so the VAT amount will still show on your invoice but we will not charge it to you, our company will absorb it and pay it to the government.

*ZiwiPeak and Nature’s Variety brands are not included in this offer.

*Regular Clients from 2017 using a discount code already cannot subscribe to this offer.