We will only refund if the order is not yet delivered to you in case

  • Items are out of stock
  • You requested to cancel order and refund prior to delivery
  • No exchange on any accessory such as beds, collars, leashes etc... for hygiene reasons we won't accept any request for exchange or refund on accessories, please read size and description properly before your order.

In case the items are already delivered to you and you simply changed your mind and you want to return the items and have a refund, this will not be possible unless you have a proof that you received the product damaged or not as described. Refunds will be made onto the original mode of payment and will be processed within 10 to 45 days depends on the issuing bank of the credit card.  


I ordered the wrong item, how can I return it? 

In the unusual circumstance where the item received is wrong (and mistake is from Your side), you can exchange the item in the retail packaging you received it and in the original box and/or packaging intact within 72 hours and you need to notify us immediately - You will be charged Dhs.50 Delivery Fees if you are in Dubai. The price of the item you want to exchange must be higher or equal than the item you want to return. Exchange takes from 3 to 5 days and it depends on our busy schedule.

No exchange on any accessory such as beds, collars, leashes, harnesses etc... and items that you opened and they are no longer in original packaging. Trying beds or accessories will no be accepted on the door at the time of the delivery, for hygiene reasons we won't accept any such request. 

For All other Emirates - If you want to return an item because you changed your mind or you ordered the wrong size, you need to ship the product back to us in its original condition with a registered courier at your own cost, shipping the product back to you again will be at your own cost as well.

*All communications with regard to exchange should be sent to our email: - Please note our delivery section and WhatsApp number are not responsible to receive complaints and we will only attend to requests sent by email.

What should I do if I received a damaged product?

If your product has arrived damaged, please contact us immediately so we can exchange it for you right away. Notifying us of damage after 48 hours will not be accepted. In case the item you received is damaged or defected, you could return it in the same condition as you received it with the original box and/or packaging intact. Once we receive the returned item, we will inspect it and if the item is found to be defective or damaged, we will process the refund along with any shipping fees incurred.
Note that all fragile items should be inspected by you or the person receiving the item on your behalf, we will not exchange or return fragile items.

*All communications with regard to a damaged product should be sent to our email: - Please note our delivery section is not responsible to receive complaints and we will only attend to requests sent by email.

I ordered new brand of food/ treats for my pet but he/ they did not like it – can I exchange it with another brand/ flavor? 
If you decided that you want to exchange any food and it is still in its original package, not opened and sealed, we will be happy to come to exchange it however a delivery fee of 50Dhs will be applied. We only accept exchange of food within 48 hours. As we cannot guarantee that the client stored the food he wants to exchange properly, we cannot exchange any food, treats or edible chews after 48 hours from delivery date.

What does it mean by ‘Retail Packaging’ never opened (Sealed & Closed Box)?

A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging. The packaging should be the same as when it was delivered to you.

I expected the cat toy/ dog toy to LAST LONGER, will you exchange it for me or refund me my money? For Cats & Dogs toys, they are not supposed to live forever, it all depends on your dog chewing habits etc.. All our interactive toys for cats should be hidden when you are not playing with your cat/(s). 95% of our products are high quality made in USA, however your pet is your responsibility, please read all labels carefully.

I ordered wrong size, what shall I do?

If you realized that you ordered wrong size, we can exchange it for the correct size provided that the merchandise is in New with Label and unused condition. If label is removed, like in all stores, we cannot exchange it for you. And we do not offer refund, if you cannot find what you want you keep your credit money with us until you find something else to buy from our store. Please read description carefully before you make a purchase - we charge Dhs. 50 Fees if you want us to come to you again to exchange an item. The price of the item you want to exchange must be higher or equal than the item you want to return.

Under what conditions you don’t accept an exchange?

Merchandise on special offer or purchased using a discount code
Not in original packaging
Collars/ Harnesses/ Shoes and Beds for cats & dogs for hygiene reasons - we do not offer trial and exchange

For Hygiene reasons, we cannot exchange Pet Beds (including cat trees & cat furniture) & Collars/ Harnesses/ Shoes - please read carefully the description and select the right size. 

It has been over 2 weeks since I made a purchase and I want to exchange - what can I do?

Please see above what are the items that are not legible for exchange, if the item you purchased is legible for exchange, you have only 2 weeks after the date of purchase, we will not exchange under any circumstance items purchased since over 2 weeks.

I have a complaint, how can I reach you?

If you have a complaint, you need to EMAIL US on with the details and we will get back to you ASAP, posts of complaints on social media will not be acceptable. 

*Due to many clients ordering then changing their minds because they didn't read the description properly or simply for not liking the product/ we had to restrict our exchange policy, any item other than food which we accept exchange on (not listed in the restricted items) will go to supplier for inspection first to make sure that it is returned in is NEW CONDITION mentioned above. We will charge 50Dhs to arrange pick-up, the item will be taken to supplier for inspection and once we get approval from supplier, you will get the amount credited to your account (ie you can choose something else to buy within the same amount).